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Awareness, mindset & skills

Negotiating for Results is our flagship workshop built around our unique proprietary framework for understanding and managing the negotiation process.

Suitable for both executives new to negotiating and more seasoned negotiators, participants learn through real-life best-practice sharing, intensive skills practice and participation in role-plays under the guidance of our experienced facilitators.

Participants become more strategic in their thinking, systematic in their planning and confident in their delivery. This ensures an immediate return on investment from the first day back at the office and a stronger contribution to the long-term growth of your business.

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Related training programmes we offer include:

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“Participants learn to be more strategic in their thinking and more assertive during important conversations.”

Coaching in Negotiating: Planning & Practice for Implementation

One-to-one and small group executive coaching:

As qualified facilitators and coaches, we recognise that the coach’s role is not to prescribe what executives should do in their negotiations, but instead to question, listen, probe and support them as they develop their develop their thinking and plan their own way forward.


In more sensitive situations, executives may want to be able to talk openly about their  concerns and work with a professional coach to develop their negotiating plan.


Because our one-to-one coaching is  conducted in full confidence, we are able to support more sensitive situations.  This offers executives the opportunity to practice important conversations in a safe environment before taking them live.