Become an Accredited Negotiation Skills Trainer

We provide two pathways for certification as a negotiation skills trainer.

For experienced in-company trainers:

We provide the materials, trainers’ guidelines and supplementary resources, and then train, develop and support you to deliver top quality negotiating skills within your own organisation.

You can add an extra string to your bow for your personal growth and long-term career development with our signature program, Negotiating for Results:
  • Develop yourself and earn a reputation as a skilled negotiator
  • Refine your facilitation skills in a new area for your personal growth
  • Train your company’s executives and future leaders in skills that drive team and company performance.

For successful in-company negotiators:

We recognise that many people leave corporate life with the vision and desire to start a new career in training and developing people. As an expert negotiator with a solid track record of securing major deals, they want now to share their skills with up-and-coming executives and future leaders.

Very often however, while great presenters, they lack skills to engage large groups in thought-provoking conversations and lively discussions, and to set up and debrief role-plays and activities effectively.  If this sounds like you, we’d love to hear from you. We support you to make your training more dynamic, inclusive and inspiring.

We provide:

  • Comprehensive training materials saving you development time and cost
  • Detailed teaching guides with a clear roadmap and flexibility to suit your situation
  • Role-plays tailored to your personal & company situation.

As an in-house trainer, you know your organisation best so we work with you (and your managers as appropriate) to customise our content to enable you to address your  teams’ challenges.

We are committed to supporting long-term growth and development.  After accreditation, we will follow up and support you in your journey as a negotiation skills expert.

A Step-by-Step Development Process

How it works:

Step 1:Join our Negotiating for Results workshop as a participant to develop your negotiating skills. This may be by attending a public workshop or participating in an in-company training in your own organisation.
Step 2:Attend an accreditation Train the Trainer workshop (1 or 2 days depending on your background and experience level).
Step 3:Conduct a practice run with a ‘friendly group’ followed by debrief with the master facilitator.
Step 4:As necessary, follow up with the master facilitator with an option for co-training.

Benefits of a Train-the-Trainer approach:

  • Greater flexibility in delivery through your in-company facilitators
  • Greater consistency across your organisation
  • A more cost-effective solution to train your people.