Manage the Negotiation Process to Your Advantage

Our story

Negotiate-Asia is a collaboration between highly experienced negotiating skills trainers bringing together over 60 years’ combined experience of development and delivery of customised negotiating skills training and coaching. Based in Hong Kong and Singapore, we deliver training regionally in English, Cantonese, Mandarin and Japanese, both virtually and face-to-face. We customise each program according to the participants’ real-world situation with bespoke role-plays and examples.    

Delivered by our experienced negotiation specialists or your own in-company trainers.

The mindset, skills and tools to manage and control the negotiating process.


Negotiating for Results

A major regional manufacturer wanted their managers to negotiate with key customers more strategically and be more collaborative in their internal negotiations. In preparation, we interviewed senior managers to identify typical scenarios, and then built relevant case studies mirroring the issues they faced.

We conducted negotiation skills training for their sales, technical and production managers, and provided Train the Trainer training for their internal trainers to roll out the program across the region.

Developing Sales People Regionally

A leading exhibitions company wanted a long-term development process for their sales staff. In close coordination with HR, we developed and implemented a four year curriculum comprising Better Buyer Relationships, Advanced Selling Skills, Negotiating Skills and Advanced Negotiation Skills.

The program was rolled out in Hong Kong, China PRC, Japan, Malaysia, Indonesia and India. We also conducted Sales Coaching training for their managers in several countries to enable structured follow up to the training.

Raise the bar on individual, team and company performance.

Client feedback



“I know I can count on you – that when I say what I want to do, you will explore it in detail, work with our managers and leaders and then suggest something – an alternative approach – that can work.”
Suzan Kalim, SVP, People & Culture, UBM Asia


“The feedback is positive and the participants found the workshop informative and interactive! Thanks again for your help.”

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The story of the ant

The ant works hard, with purpose, to find the best resources for the nest. Then, it connects, communicates and collaborates with counterparts, and together they achieve the desired results. This is symbolic of how a great negotiator works – seeing the bigger picture, resourceful and with focused, confident and purposeful communication.

What’s your great negotiator story? Do you have a metaphor for a great negotiator?